6 Great Tours and Activities in Merida

By Susannah Rigg - August 8th, 2016

1. Getting Behind Closed Doors

As you walk around the streets of Merida you will probably start to get curious about what is behind some of the beautiful doors and ornate colonial facades. If so then you can take the Open House Tour run by the Merida’s English Language Library. Start the tour learning about the history of the architecture in Merida before getting your chance to nosey around some exquisitely designed and decorated houses.

2. Cooking up a Storm

If you fall in love with Yucatec food then why not take a cooking class and learn how to make it yourself? Chef David Sterling has lived in Merida since 2003 and spends his hours researching and experimenting with Yucatec flavors. His cooking school Los Dos is a great place to learn, with options ranging from market tours followed by culinary instruction to chocolate workshops to spending a few hours learning to cook with a local family.

3. Touring on the Turibus

Merida City Bus Tour

The majority of people tour Merida on foot or by horse and carriage but the open-topped Turibus is also a great way to see the sights. Jump on and off along the route to explore museums or other sights of interest before jumping back on to continue your tour around the city. Taking the Turibus all around the city is also a great way to get your bearings before heading off to explore on foot.

4. Get the Facts for Free

Free Merida City Tour

Explore the sights of Merida with a bilingual guide to get a deeper understanding of the city. The tourist board offers free guided tours of one and a half hours so that you can get a feel for the history of Merida. The tour starts at the City Hall Tourist Information booth, every day from 9.30am.

5. Sample the Street Food

Merida Street Food Tour

If you want to try some of Merida’s delicious street food but don’t know where to start, you can take a street food tour that guides you to some of the best places in the city. Try a few of Merida’s famous dishes, from salbutes and panuchos to the famous cochinita pibil and learn how they are made.

6. Historical Haciendas

Sotuta de Peon Hacienda Merida

For those interested in the history of Merida’s haciendas, why not take a tour of one to learn more. Hacienda Sotuta de Peon offers a journ必利勁
ey through the ages of henequen production, with interactive explanations of how the fiber was harvested and produced before and after the industrial revolution. There is also a cenote on the grounds so after your have explored the hacienda you can take a refreshing dip.

About the Author: Susannah Rigg

Susannah has English blood coursing through a Mexican heart. She is a freelance travel writer who specializes in all things Mexican and the founder of Mexico Retold a site focused on telling a different and positive story about Mexico. She lives in Oaxaca, Mexico.