As far as we are concerned there are no bad times of the year to go to Mexico however many would disagree with us. There are rainy seasons and the summer is extremely hot. During the rainy season it can rain every day and there is the chance of hurricanes and other natural disasters that affect the Yucatan.

Playa del Carmen and Chetumal have been completely wiped out in the past and what you presently see are rebuilt cities. If you wonder why you see dilapidated buildings that nobody seems inclined to repair or demolish consider the circumstances. The hurricanes will return some day.

Flying to the Yucatan depends largely on the weather. Not in that it effects actual flying there any more than the weather affects flying anywhere, it is simply that charters do not fly into Cancun during the off seasons. Flying to anywhere else in the Yucatan most likely means flying to Mexico City or Cancun first.

Flights from Canada in the off season means flying to an American city first then transferring to a flight bound for Cancun or Mexico City on an American airline. Flying from a city in the U. S. means first flying to a city on the flight path to Mexico then transferring. The cost of flying is also higher in the off-seasons because you are not tagging along on a charter flight.


The best time of the year to travel to the Yucatan is September 8 – 30. The reason for this is that it is the end of summer and the rains start in October. Kids are back in school and all destinations become less crowded. It is hot but not unbearably so. It generally does not rain and it is usually not windy. The water in the Caribbean Sea is not warm, it is HOT! Swimming can be like taking a hot bath on some days. It has been our experience that you see a greater abundance of aquatic life snorkeling when the water is warmer. Also it can be less expensive to stay in some resorts/hotels because the summer boom is over and vacancies are up.


If you are on the Caribbean Sea coast during the rainy season then it can rain everyday, all day. Sometimes you can get lucky and it just rains part of the day and if you are really lucky it may not rain at all. The likelihood is that it will rain, after all it is the rainy season. Inland however it is a different story and although it may rain almost everyday it tends to rain at the same time of the day for a short period. In June and July this can actually be a refreshing experience that enhances your expedition.

Rainy seasons occour:

  • October – January
  • April – July



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