Cancun to Playa del Carmen Bus Schedule

Cancun Bus Station location:

The bus terminal is located on the corner of avenidas Tulum and Uxmal.

See Cancun Map for station location.

Cancun to Playa del Carmen

Bus Line Class Travel Time Cost
ADO GL Deluxe 1:00 60 pesos
Departure Times
Daily 14:45
Bus Line Class Travel Time Cost
ADO GL First Class 1:20 40 pesos
Departure Times
Daily 00:30, 04:30, 05:00, 05:15, 05:20, 05:40, 06:00, 06:15, 06:30, 06:45, 07:00, 07:30, 07:45, 12:00, 12:12, 12:24, 12:36, 12:48, 13:00, 13:12, 13:15, 13:24, 13:36, 13:48, 14:00, 14:12, 14:24, 14:30, 14:36, 14:45, 14:48, 15:00, 15:12, 15:15, 15:24, 15:36, 15:48, 16:00
Bus Line Class Travel Time Cost
OCC First Class 1:20 38 pesos
Departure Times
Daily 15:45
Bus Line Class Travel Time Cost
ATS 2nd Class 1:25 32 pesos
Departure Times
Daily 16:00

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