chemuyil_mapWith white sands and clear shallow waters, Chemuyil is a small beachfront village slightly off the beaten path. A quiet place with a few houses owned by locals and foreigners, this natural sanctuary is a lovely place to visit. The Xunaan-Ha cenote, which is a ten-minute walk from Chemuyil, is stunningly beautiful and worth a visit to swim in its clear waters. There is an entrance fee of $50 pesos to be able to swim there. Some tours groups now visit the cenote, but if you are lucky you may get to swim there all by yourself.


Located 5km south of Akumal, Chemuyil remains relatively unknown but is easy enough to get to. Take the 307 Highway south from Akumal and look out for signs for the turn off to Chemuyil. It is relatively well signposted.


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chemuyil_veggie_standVeggie Stand

chemuyil_mini_superMini Super

chemuyil_la_palapaLa Palapa

chemuyil_playingKids Playing

chemuyil_hotdog_standHotdog Stand

At Pizzeria Leo's in Chemuyil it's always great.Leo’s Pizzeria