As many are already aware, Cozumel is a popular destination for SCUBA divers from all around the world. If you haven’t quite worked your way up to diving yet, or you just prefer to snorkel instead, that’s not a problem. Cozumel is an excellent island not just for divers but for snorkeling as well.

There are some very nice put-ins for snorkelers along the west side of the island. You can obviously go out with a guided snorkel tour on a boat if you wish. This is not a bad option and will cost you roughly $40 USD per person. These tours make it easy, since pretty much everything will be taken care of for you. That makes it pretty relaxing and is especially good for families.

If you are staying on the island and want to explore a bit on your own, you can. You can easily see some of the same snorkel sights the boat/guided tour would be taking you to, without paying the fees. With a rental car or by taking a taxi ride you can get to many of these locations and just swim and snorkel to your heart’s content.

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Coral Princess, Melia, Playa Azul, Cozumeleño and More

The snorkeling on the north part of the island is only recommended for strong swimmers who have snorkeled many times before. The reason: there are many conflicting/unpredictable currents that you will be fighting. The currents here take you out to sea northwards, whereas the southern part of the island has a more gentle current that actually pushes you back into shore (the southern end is great for all levels of snorkelers).

Along this stretch you can find some beautiful, thriving coral walls close to shore with many schools of fish and giant sponges.

Fish while Snorkeling Cozumel


It seems that the snorkeling just gets better as you move south down the island, from the ferry dock or Hotel Plaza Las Glorias. The coral life is marvelous and you’ll see all kinds of marine life, even wild dolphins at times.

TIP: If you’re renting a car, often snorkel gear will be included in the rental. You’re in great shape to explore and jump in the water almost anywhere you like. If you have aqua shoes, bring them, as the entrance to many snorkel sites is hazardous with sharp exposed coral and limestone rather than soft sandy beach.


This put-in is located right next the Sand Dollar Grill. This is a location where you will experience a bit of current, creating a fun drift snorkel where you relax and let the current push you along. What that means is as you “put-in” or get in the water and you’ll be taken either up or down the shore a mile or so (depending on the direction the current is flowing, north or south). After, you just get out and walk back to your starting point along the nice little ocean-side promenade.


This is a nice little spot with convenient concrete steps that lead you right into the water just beside the snorkel center. This location, similar to Sand Dollar, will drift you up or down the shore from the steps. If the current is moving north, as it typically is, you can ride it as far as you feel comfortable.


This is a great location! If you can get here on your own (by car or taxi), you’ll be able to enjoy what many tourists get to enjoy at a fraction of the cost and at your own beach club. Catching the sunset from here is lovely.

TIP: This is a popular destination for cruise ship snorkelers, so you might want to avoid the crowds and be out in the water between 9:00am and 10:30 am or sometime after 4pm.


This is a bright orange hotel that will be hard to miss. It’s across the road from the beach and has a restaurant and beach club. There is great snorkeling directly in front of the hotel, you can also drift a bit south. There is plenty to see with lots of marine and plant life.

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Roughly a quarter mile south of Fiesta Americana and a few hundred yard before the current entrance to Chankanaab National Park, you’ll find a “no fluff” or no amenities beach. It’s home to low fronded palm trees that can offer some nice shade and about 50 yards or so of decent sandy put-ins.


This is a destination you definitely want to visit during your stay on Cozumel, whether you plan to snorkel or not. It’s a beach adventure park with many attractions and shows to enjoy, with snorkeling being just one of them. Admission to the park is around $25 USD per person. This is a fun day for the entire family.

Snorkeling is an enjoyable, low-resistance activity that’s great for all ages. The water is generally calm, so you won’t be getting splashed with huge waves. Give it a try while you stay in Cozumel–you won’t be disappointed! The treasures of the Caribbean Sea are absolutely dazzling.

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