Edgar Rivera

Location: Merida/Playa del Carmen
Occupation: Hotel Manager

Edgar has been working in the hotel industry since 1961. He worked his way up in the hotel industry, but received no formal training about Hotels.

Sr. Rivera was born in Merida in 1944. The son of a diesel mechanic Edger soon went to work finding his calling in life at an early age. Edger began working in the hotel industry at age 15 in Merida. Starting at the bottom working as a busboy he steadily worked his way to upper management. He tried his hand in the car rental business for two years along the way but soon returned to his original trade.

Edgar lives and works in Playa del Carmen but like so many Mayan families he works in one city while his family lives in another. In Edgar’s case his family lives in Merida. Edgar is married and has 2 daughters, one son and two granddaughters.

Edgar’s mother was born in the village of Mani which he states was the last Mayan village to be brutalized by the conquistadors and he still remembers the stories his grandmother tells of the people hiding in caves to escape the ruthlessness of the invaders.

His grandfather was born in Puerto Rico, and joined the conquistadors sailing over to the Yucatan when the ship stopped in Puerto Rico. His father was born in Campeche. Edgar’s mother spoke Mayan but Edgar’s father was strict in his upbringing determined to see the family move in a direction away from the Mayan way of life and adopt Spanish culture.

Like so many Mayan families old ways have been abandoned and a whole new set of social codes created in order to facilitate the modern Mexican family dynamic. Edgar even taught himself English in order to further his goals in life and speaks it fluently.

We met Edgar years ago when one day we were walking down the street when a torrential downpour broke out. To escape the rain we dove for cover under the closest shelter. Edgar was sitting in a chair so we said Hola! He said Hola, would you like a beer? We have been friends ever since.

When we asked Edgar how he felt about the sudden growth of Playa del Carmen, he indicated that the growth was good because the growth is in the direction away from the beach. He first watched Cancun explode then later moved to Playa del Carmen where he has watched that little fishing village grow to become the fastest growing city in Latin America.

We are sad to report Edgar has retired. Not sad for Edger, just sad for all the people who enjoyed staying at Edger’s hotel. He will be missed. Happy retirement Edger!!!

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