Luis Alberto Tuz May

Meet the Modern Maya Main

Location: Piste
Occupation: Bus Station Manager

Sr. May is the local bus station manager in Piste where he has held that post for six years. It is quite an interesting job as many people flow through the station, both from the surrounding area and from abroad.

The son of a local Camposino, Sr. May has lived his entire life in Piste.

Sr. May’s job requires he administer to a wide variety of tasks from riding the bus checking tickets to the day to day operations of the bus terminal. It is a small terminal so it is quite pleasant to work there.

Married with two sons, a six-year-old and a three-year-old, Luis’s daily routine is basically the same as say a bus station agent in New Jersey.

He is proud to be a Mayan, proud of his heritage and culture. He has no plans to ever leave Piste and is content to spend the rest of his life there like his father before him.

Meet the Modern Maya Main