Manuel Jesus Mata Morales

Meet the Modern Maya Main

Location: Ticul
Occupation: Teacher

Sr. Morales resides with his wife and two children aged four and six in the beautiful city of Ticul. Manuel’s wife hails from the town of Tlaxcantecan. His parents also live in Ticul, his father being one of the city’s most popular schoolteachers.

Manny speaks fluent conversational English and has spent years in the hotel industry holding numerous posts. He studied tourism at University and took three years of English; he has won several awards and received numerous citations for his excellent skills in tourism.

After 9/11 Manny felt it important to be with his family and moved back to Ticul from Cancun, where he was stationed working at a Cancun hotel. Seeing the need to educate his fellow Ticalians in English he has established the city’s only English school and has students ranging in age from six to sixty. Yes many Maya wish to learn English!

Manny enjoys educational TV and reads both English and Spanish books. He loves spending time with his family and the Pentecostal Church is very important to the whole family.

Manny feels happy, proud and blessed to live in Ticul. Work, however, is limited in the city so Manny like so many other fathers has had to move around and go where the work is while his family stays in Ticul. Many Mayans lay roots in a particular area and will live there for generation after generation but like people anywhere many do move, to new villages, to new states and even countries. Manny keeps his options open but would prefer to stay in Ticul and raise his children there.

To this end he works feverishly promoting positive Mayan incentives like education programs and local tourism. He also promotes local businesses using his English speaking skills to Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

Manny has a bright future ahead of him and we are sure one day all his hard work will truly pay off!

Meet the Modern Maya Main