Mayan Riviera Wedding



Planning your wedding to be held on the Mayan Riviera depends largely on where you are staying.

The Riviera Maya or the more common English translation “Mayan Riviera” stretches from Puerto Morelos to Tulum with small private hotels to large All-Inclusives located in-between.

The large All-Inclusive resorts have Wedding Planners and all the facilities needed to stage your wedding. If you wish to hold your wedding at one of the big All-Inclusive hotels then you contact “Guest Services” who will connect you with the hotel’s Wedding Planner. This is generally done via e-Mail.

For information on legalities and documentation please see:

Playa del Carmen Weddings

Playa del Carmen is centrally located “in” the Mayan Riviera.


You don’t have to hold your wedding ceremony at the hotel you are staying at and in fact have a number of alternatives. Popular locations include: secluded tropical beach, jungle, Spanish colonial church, hacienda, garden, private villas or condos on the beach, and hotels.

Wedding Receptions can also be accommodated anywhere on the Riviera including Cozumel. This includes all the amenities you would expect.


An experienced Wedding Planner can successfully orchestrate your dream wedding while you prepare for your trip, regardless of where you are staying on the Mayan Riviera or where you wish to hold the events.

A Wedding Planner can handle your documentation requirements, wedding ceremony and reception and every related issue necessary to get things going and make your wedding the special experience you always dreamed of.