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Traveler’s checks are not easy to cash at the banks in Cozumel. Exchange monies before you make your journey. You will avoid hassles.

On the shuttles from airport to hotels, sit on a right-side window to watch luggage being unloaded prior to your hotel. To ensure that your luggage isn’t accidentally taken to another hotel.

Carry extra baggies & take buns/meats/cheeses and fruit/nuts/cereal from the buffet. You’ve paid for this food – so why buy expensive food during your day trip?

Only exchange a small amount of your US dollars at a time… When returning at the airport they don’t want to re-exchange.

Use a large Collapsible Rolling Cooler as your main suitcase- this will make sure that you limit what you pack AND you will have your own cooler for day trips too!

On bus intercity travel, reserve Seat #1 or Seat #2 beforehand. You will get unobstructed view of the windshield.

When you bring the kids take cold and fever pills, rash cream and tummy upset pills. These medications are very expensive at the resorts.

Make sure to write on all charge slips as you sign whether the currency is in USD or PESO as both use the “$”.

2 way radio’s are a great. They come 2 mile and 5 mile rage to bring on vacation when traveling with kids. This way You can track them down and there under 50.00.

If stung by Jellyfish while walking or swimming in the water, immediately sprinkle with meat tenderizer (used for cooking); it dissolves the proteins that cause the pain and swelling.

Print out places you want to go, and go over them with everyone on the plane. It keeps nervous first time flyers distracted.

As soon as the doors shut on a plane ask the stewardess if you can switch seats, since everyone on the plane is there it is usually no problem.

Place your toothpaste in a freezer zip-loc baggie so that it does not explode in your luggage during flight.

Spray athletes foot with Right Guard Sport deodorant util wet. Do not spray open sores, as they will smart. Infections will often be cured with one spraying but need time to heal.

Mole Skin, found in stores by foot care items, is a must for blisters you may get from walking.

For people who have sleep apnea there is a small CPAP, the “429,” sold under many names. Mine fits into any suitcase. It cost $350 with shipping, mask, hose, and carrying case.

If divorced and you have sole custody, there is no need for a notarized letter from the absent parent. Simply bring the notarized divorce indicating sole custody.

Put your clothes into large ziploc bags, roll out the air, seal! This helps to create more space.

A great to store jewelry is in a half to full small tampon box. Who wants to look in there?

Carry baby wipes, non-scented, for wiping hands before and after a meal or after touching handrails.

To borrow, rent, or purchase an item, have a written consent or sales receipt w/description, serial #, etc. If stolen & retrieved by police-they will keep item without proof that it was yours.

Bring baggies: good for laundry powder, separating souvenirs, etc. …the more you have with you, the more uses you will find for them!
Bring light ponchos for rain gear. These can be purchased from most camping stores. Many stadiums also carry a light poncho to sell to fans of local football teams. These work great as well. They are small and light and easy to carry anywhere you go as a rain cloud can come in no time and dump a monsoon on your head.

Photocopy all your travel documents including your passport and any document that has your signature on it and leave them with a relative or friend that you know you can contact in the event that you loose all your documentation. The copies can be faxed to you.

Wear beach shoes when walking in the water on the beach.

If you get sucked out into the ocean by an undercurrent follow these instructions:

Do not panic, save all your strength.
Act immediately.
Swim parallel to the shoreline. Even if you cannot, keep trying until you can.

What you are doing is swimming out of the undertow and into the current that will more than likely push you back to shore. Remember, in saltwater you float so you can stay alive for any number of days. Unless you are on a secluded beach a boat will reach you in time to rescue you should you fail to not be able to swim out of the undertow.

If you plan to walk into the jungle make sure you know what you are doing. Carry a GPS and know how to use it. A compass will help the experienced explorer but if you just bought it and expect to enter the jungle and knock about then you may find yourself in deep trouble.

If you have to venture into the bush then please follow these instructions:

  •  Tell somebody where you are going.
  •  Bring lots of water.
  •  Have mosquito repellant.
  •  Make sure your compass works.
  •  Mark your trail.
  •  Be visually aware and remember landmarks.
  •  Check to see where the sun is when you enter the bush then check your watch to see what time it is, make regular checks to orient yourself to the movement of the sun.

You will not get a break buying film for your camera in Mexico. Look for a sale where you live and buy your film before you leave.

When entering a hotel room for the first time, run the shower for a few minutes, without you being in the room. This will get rid of any build-up of spores that cause Legionaries disease.

When traveling in a large group, it is helpful to either tie the same brightly colored ribbon or affix a brightly colored piece of tape on every piece of luggage. This aids in being able to spot each other’s luggage at all times.

It usually becomes necessary to do at least one hand wash during a trip. Pack a small “Swimmer’s Towel” or “Camping Towel” which you can purchase in a sports equipment store. These towels are small and lightweight.

Pack a dryer sheet in your suitcase for long flights – this helps to eliminate that musty “airplane odor” and you’ll have a “just washed” air to your clothes when you unpack.

To help prevent creasing of clothing, roll up a small towel and place on the inside of where the garments will fold. Or roll your suits up instead of folding.

To keep wiggly toddlers in their seats happily, film their favorite video on your handheld videocamera. Replay in flight, letting them watch it on the small screen.

On the day of the trip or just before you leave, use a Polaroid camera and take photos of each child in your party. Keep the pictures with you at all times. If you become separated from your child, you will have a photo of what your child looks like right then, that day.

Take a battery operated smoke detector and flashlight with you on your trip and keep it on the nightstand in your hotel room during the night.

Mark every piece of luggage inside and outside with your last name and first initial only. Do not use atitle [Mz.] Do not put your home address or destination address on the luggage unless yourdestination is a hotel or resort.

When two women are traveling together, each of you should put one complete outfit in the other’s suitcase in case one suitcase is delayed or lost. It is also a good idea to carry a change of underwear and socks in your carry-on.

Instead of lugging bulky, breakable perfume bottles, soak some cotton balls in your favorite scent and stuff them into empty film canisters. The airtight canisters keep the fragrance fresh!

Wish you had a nightlight in that strange hotel room? You don’t have to pack one. Before you go to bed, turn on the bathroom light, then shut the bathroom door.

To get wet clothes dry overnight, hang them on a coat hanger and hang them in the bathroom – Leave the light on.

You can cut your clothing drying time in half. Roll the wet laundry in a towel, push down hard on the roll, and your washed item is partly dry.

When renting a car, try to obtain two sets of keys. If the rental agency won’t give you an extra set, get one made at the nearest hardware store.

Take two teaspoons of Pepto Bismol before each meal and the chances of you getting diarrhea are reduced.

If one parent is planning to visit Mexico and is taking a minor child, remember to get a notarized letter from the other parent granting permission for the child to travel abroad.

Be sure to pack an effective topical antibiotic cream. The smallest scratch or insect bite can quickly become infected. Try “Bactriban” or “Polysporin”. To prevent ringworm, the most effective product is “Nizoral” – sold over the counter as an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Most people know to ask for unopened bottled water when traveling, but may not realize that it’s all too easy to get sick from ingesting water while showering. The solution: Keep mouthwash in your mouth while showering.

In a restaurant, ask for a bottle of water unopened. Have them open it at the table, and you can be sure you won’t get local water, bottled. This will also tell you that they use bottled water to cook and clean with.

Write on the charge slip right away after purchasing something, the amount, items, date, and place of purchase so you can read it when the statement comes at the end of the month.

Oxygen is hard to find in Cancun – $35 USD per tank any size. Delevery $25 each wayconcentrators $150 USD a week.

If you are staying at an all-inclusive for any length of time it is a good idea to tip the egg-lady at the buffet on your first day. She will remember you. In many resorts the egg-lady is in charge of the breakfest.

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