Playa del Carmen is home to some of Mexico’s top real estate properties steps from world-class beaches. Visitors have the choice of renting many of these privately owned properties as an alternative choice for housing. Many destinations on the Riviera Maya have well-established companies that rent condo’s and houses of all types. Many travelers find this to be a better option over hotels.

Those that choose to rent a vacation rental in Playa del Carmen from a reputable company typically have an outstanding time. With this being so, taking caution is highly recommended when renting from private parties and owners directly.  Renters need to use common sense and do a bit of homework to reduce the chance for error. One simple task to follow is checking the online reputation of the renter. Reading reviews is probably the best place to start. If an owner has little or no online presence, and you don’t feel confident with the information, move to another option. Renters do not experience fraud often but it is well-worth doing an extra bit of research to make certain you get what you pay for.

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Believe it or not, visitors to Playa will not find many ocean front condo rentals available. Since the beaches are public, the condo developments are located inland from the beaches. Renters will find a plethora of luxurious ocean view condo rentals to choose from throughout Playa del Carmen. Guests can plan on paying a premium price for these luxury rentals but they remain comparative in pricing as the high-end hotels in town. Most of the ocean view rentals are equipped with 1 or 2 bedrooms with a handful of 3 bedroom options. Guests should expect to be pampered with similar amenities found at home, along with extra services, making this option feel more like a resort.


For visitors that prefer a private house rental in Playa del Carmen, Playacar Phase I and Phase II is where you will be. Both of these high-end gated communities are located on the south side of Playa and offer a variety of options. Playacar Phase I offers the most luxurious rentals with many located on the beach. Phase II is located behind Phase I (away from the beach but still within walking distance) and also offers guests a wide variety of house rentals. House rentals in both communities will be more expensive but will provide guests space and exclusivity. Families and groups will find house rentals to be the best option and most have private pools to enjoy!


Travelers will find that most of the available vacation rentals in Playa del Carmen are located in town, although it is hard to say where the border of in-town is. Guests that prefer to be close to the nightlife and beach action, renting as close to 5th Avenue (La Quinta) and Mamita’s Beach are the best options. Mamita’s Beach is located on Calle 28 and the beach drawing a large crowd daily of young beach-goers. Many of the popular night club’s like Coco Bongo are located on Calle 12 between the beach and 10th Avenue. Guest’s that choose nearby rentals should expect a higher noise level but will experience more excitement and action.


Budget does not mean nasty, ugly, or dangerous by any means for guests. Visitors that choose to stay in a budget friendly rental are typically located a few blocks in from the beach, still well within walking distance to everything. Since budget rentals are not typically located next to the beach, renters can count on huge savings. Nightly rates for budget rentals can regularly be found for $100 per night and under. Guest can expect a well-appointed 1 or 2 bedroom fully furnished condo with all amenities included. Those searching for long-term rentals can find great monthly rates in this category of vacation rentals in Playa del Carmen.


Renters should always confirm with the owner or vacation rental agency what is included to avoid surprises at check-in.

It would be an awful surprise for a guest to arrive at a vacation rental expecting it to be fully equipped only to find out the linens and other common items are not included.  This is very rare anymore, and unheard of from reputable rental companies, but renters that decide to rent from an individual should make certain that these items are in fact included.

Basic Amenities

  • Electric
  • Cable or Satellite TV
  • Bed Linens
  • Towels
  • Kitchen Cookware
  • Professionally Cleaned at Arrival

Specialty Amenities

  • Bottled Water Delivery
  • Local Cell Phone with Credit
  • Welcome Baskets
  • Personal Check-in/Check-out Services
  • Mid-Stay Cleanings
  • Private Concierge

Rental Tips & Caution

  • Get a contract in writing.
  • Check the reputation of the rental agency or owner.
  • Verify what is included with the price quoted.
  • Verify the final price with all fees included.
  • Verify the check-in process.
  • Verify proper check-in and check-out dates to avoid mistakes.