Story of Color

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This wonderful folktale reveals some of the down-to-earth wisdom of the indigenous peoples of Chiapas. At the same time, it provides us with a fresh perspective on the struggles of the people there. They fight to conserve their culture and vision of the world which they see as flowering with holiness – a holiness that cannot be measured in dollars or defined by politics.
Domitila Dominguez, or Domi, has become one of the most significant of the indigenous artists in Mexico. She had always done embroidery growing up. She tells the story that one day when she was 20 years old she simply decided to paint a brown woman on the wall of her living room. Before she was done, she had covered the walls with vivid figures. Her paintings and sculptures, in which she has developed a very personal and post-modern style, are leavened with the wit and wisdom of her own Mazatecan culture. Domi was born in 1948 in San Pedro Ixcatlan, Oaxaca.
Originally Published by Cinco Puntos Press
ISBN 0-938317-45-8
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