What Can I Take From My Hotel Room


By and large it depends on what is available. Budget hotels don’t usually offer more than two towels, two glasses, two bars of soap and water. Some hotels provide no drinkable water to your room [you must buy it].

Boutique hotels on the cheaper side provide no more amenities than the before mentioned items. However sometimes when a larger hotel goes bankrupt their inventory of room services become available and enterprising individuals go around selling the services. These services end up in smaller hotels and sometime the services contain the entire coffee/Tea package and sometimes it is a complete bathroom service [with the bankrupt hotel’s logos].

When you “rent a room”, the room will contain certain things that are included in you’re “rent”. These items are for you to use or take with you.

The following can be used as a guide of what we found the “standard protocol” however we recommend you inquire with the hotel before removing anything you are not sure about.

Item Can I Remove From Hotel Property?
Towels No
Bedding No [this includes pillows and all sheets]
Soaps Yes
Shampoos/Bath gels Yes
Grooming Kit Yes
Sowing Kit Yes
Dentistry Kit Yes
Shower Cap Yes
Miscellaneous Toiletries Yes
Shoeshine Kit Yes
Bath Robe No
Slippers Yes
Coffee/Tee Yes
Pop/Juices Yes
Beer Yes
Snacks Yes
Bottles of Liquor No [you can drink it but you must leave the empty bottle in your room]
Complimentary Bottles of Alcohol/Wine/Champaign Yes
Complimentary Fruit Basket Yes/No [fruit yes, basket no]
Complimentary Flowers No [you can ask, some hotels will let you have them or sell them to you]
Room Service Meal Ware & Cutlery No
Riviera Maya Hard Cover Tourist Book No
Pens Yes
Writing Paper Yes
Phonebook No
Hangers No
Ashtray No [hotels do not usually charge for a missing ashtray]
Glasses No [hotels do not usually charge for a missing glass]
Toilet paper Yes

You cannot remove any appliances such as a coffee maker, hair-dryer, mp4, DVD, TV remote or clocks.

Ice-buckets, cushions, pillow, paintings and decorations cannot be taken.

We have never scene a “snack tray” in Mexico like in USA/Canada where there is a tray of snacks and if you take any of the snacks you are charged for them, same with liquor in the mini-fridge.

If there is liquor in the fridge it is part of your room plan.


The do-not-take-anything rule applies to everything in a hotel room with a kitchenette.


Q:What happens if I accidentally take a towel or glass from the room? Will I be charged for it?
A:It has been our experience, [as it has happened to us that we have found face towels, spoons and glasses in the car after checking out] that hotels do not charge for this. This includes Mexican Posadas and 5 Star resorts.
Q:Do hotels really loose a lot of stuff?
A:Yes as a matter of fact they do. Towels mostly but some guests’ take anything not nailed down.
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