Gloria Rodriguez Tun

Gloria Rodriguez Tun

Location: Piste
Occupation: Assistant Hotel Manager

Srta. Tun works as the Assistant Manager of a local hotel in Piste and has worked there for six years. She was born in Piste, is 31 years old, single and has three brothers and three sisters.

Srta. Tun’s parents are from the area and her father is a Camposino and her mother a Homemaker, they are both very concerned that she has yet to find a husband. You see Gloria is thirty-one years old, very attractive, speaks fluent English and Spanish and has a great job! Her parents are bewildered that their beautiful girl is not married!

Quite the modern woman, Gloria breaks all the stereotypical molds that people place on Mayan women. She is even having her own house built as you read this.

We can not say enough nice things about Gloria, having only spent a short period of time with her we were instantly won over by her warmth and charm.

She has no plans to ever leave Piste, enjoys her work and loves her family. She opts in for contemporary fashions that bide with traditional Mayan modesty. She hopes to one day raise her own family.