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The Mayan Riviera (aka, Riviera Maya) has some of the most exclusive beach front hotels in the world. Discover top-notch all-inclusive hotels, affordable boutique hotels, and everything between with our outstanding inventory and prices.

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When traveling–whether for business or pleasure, with family or for a romantic retreat–we all have different needs, desires and expectations. The Riviera Maya has something for everyone.

For those looking for an experience away from the hustle and bustle of high tourist areas, here are a few suggestions guaranteed to please. The beautiful Caribbean Sea provides the backdrop and your accommodations will provide the rest.

Choose for yourself what best fits your needs and let your hosts take care of you.


Azul Beach

This is located just north of the little town of Puerto Morelos. A short 15-minute drive from the Cancun airport and you arrive in paradise. If it is your desire to relax and be pampered, this is the ultimate destination. Beautifully decorated rooms bring you all the comforts and elegance you could desire. The views will keep you mesmerized day and night.

If you’re traveling with children, the resort prides itself on child services. Amenities include a kids’ gym, Nickelodeon experience, kids’ spa and babysitting services.

There are five restaurants and four bars on the property. You won’t have to go far to satisfy your taste buds or quench your thirst.

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Grand Residences

Located on the far south end of Puerto Morelos, this beautiful, newly operational resort is luxury at its finest. The suites are spacious and well designed. It is a gorgeous home away from home. The layout includes a fully functional kitchen, large dining area and comfortable living area. Of course the sea is still the focal point, therefore each suite has an oversized patio or balcony with ample seating for all to take in the views.

The beach and swimming pool provide amazing outdoor experiences. Soak up some sun or just enjoy the view and a good book. From the gym to spa services, you will find everything you’re looking for.

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Rosewood at Mayakoba

Continuing south toward Playa del Carmen you find the collection of Mayakoba resorts. At the pinnacle is the Rosewood Resort. It’s nestled on the seashore and surrounded by beautiful, lush jungle greenery. The ambience is quiet and elegant with some of the best restaurants you will find in the Yucatan. As you would expect, every service imaginable is at your service.

If you’ve ever seen a movie where the actors walk out onto their private beach cabin deck and you’ve wished that could be you, well it can! Rosewood has private beach suites available with all the amenities. Make your dreams come true.

A short 15-minute drive from the resort takes you to Playa del Carmen and all the shopping and varied dining experiences that it has to offer.

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Kin Sol Soleil

Maroma Beach is noted as one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the world. The sand and sea can be yours, with a view from every room. Kin Sol is certainly off the beaten path, but still comfortably located midway between Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen. An easy 30-minute drive from the Cancun airport and you start to unwind.

The rooms are, as expected, more modest than the bigger all-inclusive resorts, but well decorated and comfortable. Staying here is worth it for a slower pace and more intimate property. There is a restaurant right on the beach which provides breakfast (free daily), lunch and dinner. There is nightly entertainment and of course spa and gym packages as well.

If you are longing for peace, pampering, sandy toes and a beautiful beach, Kin Sol Soleil is for you.

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Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa


Oh the things you have to look forward to here! On the same stretch of enchanting Maroma Beach you find another gem. It’s a bit larger than Kin Sol but has the same tranquility. Belmont has luxurious rooms and breathtaking views. Three swimming pools, a gym and spa will keep you relaxed and happy. Belmont prides itself on its spa feel and relaxed environment.

If you feel a bit more adventurous, they also provide various snorkel and diving tours. There are also walking trails that let you wander through the lush jungles that surround your vacation retreat.

There are two restaurants on the property that provide a complimentary breakfast. A hidden and rare find in the Yucatan is a wine bar and cellar. This is a perfect way to wrap up your day with the sun on the sparkling sea and a sparkling glass of your favorite wine.

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Senses Riviera Maya by Artisan – Adults Only

Last but certainly not least on our top three list is Senses Riviera Maya. This is an Adults Only boutique hotel that will delight all your senses, as the name suggests. The rooms are modern and exquisite. Every detail has been considered to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The rooms are so luxurious that you may not ever want to leave, but fight the desire; there is much to see and enjoy outside.

The Artisan has created tempting environments all around the property. There is a large infinity pool overlooking the sea as well as a rooftop terrace pool and bar. Beautiful gardens surround the three-story complex; perfect for a little stroll or quiet contemplation.

The ocean view restaurant provides fine dining, including a complimentary breakfast. Available services in your room include minibar, microwave and coffee maker. But don’t miss the chance to sample the menu in the restaurant, you won’t regret it.

Guests never fail to comment on the comfortable lounges around the infinity pool and the beautiful view they provide to the sea. The resort boasts only 38 rooms and a very quiet atmosphere. The resort is less than a year old and still a well-kept secret, so take advantage of it before the word gets out.

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If you are trying to keep to a budget and yet desire something away from the city lights and congestion, your choices will be limited. Of course the majority of investment property owners realize that and choose to build where conveniences, utilities and travel are the easiest to come by. That doesn’t mean that you have no options, you will just have to get a little more creative. Don’t give up, there is a lot to be said for experiencing Mexico and its culture and people outside of a large resort or hotel.

Your options increase dramatically if you’re willing to forego staying right on the beach. There are even franchise hotels like Holiday Inn Express and such to choose from. But there are also small vacation condo units just minutes away from city life.

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