Kohunlich is quite grandiose. The fauna surrounding it is enormous with a large variety. The very name Kohunlich gets its name from the “Cohune” which is a species of fruiting palm common to the area however nobody actually knows what the city/kingdom was called. Kohunlich used to be known as Clarksville, which is how it is referred to in old maps and reports.
Of Interest:
There is a large pool situated in front of the main temple. It is possible that the pool was constructed not only as a water supply and swimming venue but also as a mirror to reflect the stars at night in order to make astronomical calculations. The main plaza is awesome and you can climb up and sit where the King was presided, overlooking the magnificent courtyard.
Visit Time:
4 hr
Sites Close By:
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Kohunlich is south of Highway 186 west off of 307, watch for signs. 69 km from Chetumal