Merida Airport Transfers


*IMPORTANT MESSAGE* – Travel Yucatan is no longer offering transportation from the Merida Airport. We apologize for the inconvenience and we recommend hiring a taxi or bus upon arrival as this is the simplest method for transfers. provides booking services for safe,reliable transportation from Merida International Airport to hotels in Merida and Telchac Puerto.


Upon arrival at the airport, once you have cleared immigration and customs, a Travel Representative will be waiting for you outside the Arrival Gate.
Our supervisors at the airport will monitor your flight to ensure that your shuttle will be ready whenever you arrive. You will never have to worry if your flight is delayed or arriving ahead of schedule. We will know!  and most important: we will be waiting for you at whatever time your flight arrives.


While at your hotel you will be given the exact time of your pick-up on your departing date and your return flight will be confirmed, should you have reserved a round trip transfer.

Hotel pick-up depends a lot on if the traveler has a national or international flight and where the hotel is located. Regularly for a national flight the traveler has to be at the airport 2 hours prior to the departure time, for an international flight it is 3 hours.


This is the best option if you want to have your own vehicle or if you are traveling with family or a small group. As soon you are ready to depart, you will be driven straight to your hotel. There is no waiting time.
Maximum 8 persons + luggage.

Please note that once the reservation process is completed, we must be notified of any increase in the number of passengers 48 hours in advance.


Q: I am traveling alone, do I have to pay for two people.

A: Yes, the minimum reservation is two people. If you book a single transfer you will be charged for two persons.In many cases it is still less expensive than taking a taxi.

Q: Do we have to share a ride with other people?

A: Rates displayed are for “shared” and “private” shuttle transfer.

Q: What kind of vehicles are used?

A: Air conditioned vans with a capacity of six to ten persons.

Q: Does the ride stop at other hotels?

A: Yes, if there is more than “one” drop-off in a “shared” transfer.

Q: What if our flight is delayed and we are not there at the designated time.

A: Our airport shuttle provider will be waiting for you as long you are arriving the same day. For longer delays we recommend you contact our airport shuttle provider via telephone [phone number is on Confirmation Voucher].

Q: Our flight is coming in very late. Can we still get a transfer?

A: Yes, our airport shuttle provider will be at the airport until the last flight arrives.

Q: Is there a limit on how much luggage we can take?

A: Yes, a maximum of two pieces per person are permitted without extra charges.

Q: My husband is in a wheelchair. Is this going to be a problem?

A: Generally no, please advise our airport shuttle provider at the moment of reserving for more details.

NOTE:We are sorry but we cannot accommodate “motorized wheelchairs”.

Q: Are there seat-belts for my children?

A: All seats in the van do have regular seat-belts.

Q: Are the drivers experienced licensed bus-drivers?

A: All drivers are experienced drivers with federal permissions.

Q: Are the drivers experienced licensed bus-drivers?

A:All drivers are experienced drivers with federal permissions.

Q: Can we bring our dog?

A: Regularly our airport shuttle provider does permit pets as long they are in a cage. Depending on the size of your pet, there might be an extra charge.