Mexican Telephone Info



In your travels you will encounter pay phones, hotel phones, and caseta de telefona [caseta telefonica].


There are pay phones everywhere you travel in Mexico. These phones are either coin or card operated. One should carry a $10 phone card at all times in case of emergency. There are a number of different phone companies in Mexico with Telmex appearing to become the dominant force. These phones have Telmex on the side.

When making a long distance call using coins you first dial the number then the operator will come on and tell you how much the call will cost. You then insert the coins and the operator will connect the call for you.

Telephone operators in Mexico speak Spanish.

Caseta de Telefona
These are telephone stations and are enclosed for privacy. These phones accept change as well as call-cards. They are generally more expensive than Telmex phones. You will generally only find these phones in tourist zones.

Hotel Phones
If you traveled to Mexico years ago you probably found that your hotel telephone was for local calls only. Things have changed and the majority if not all hotels have international calling now.

WARNING: Long-distance telephone calls from hotels can be very expensive. It is much cheaper to use a pay-phone. You need to purchase a Mexican phone-card, which you can get at most hotel stores or at local convenience stores.

If you are using a telephone device be sure and talk to your carrier before you leave about what costs what or you could be in for a big shock when you get your bill!


In order to use your cellular phone on the Mayan Riviera – Cozumel – Cancun and throughout Quintana Roo, Campeche, and Yucatan you must first contact your cell phone company and tell them you are going to Mexico and that you will require International Calling. You can purchase one month’s worth. Depending on your service you will be charged a set-up fee. The per-minute cost generally runs $1.00 +.

If you are using a Nokia you need GSM and TDMA capability or your phone will not work in Mexico.

AT&T, Nextel and Verizon all work in Mexico.

You must set up international calling with your cell phone provider. When calling out from Mexico you must dial “001 area code and phone” or you may not get a connection to the number you are calling.

Upon arrival in Mexico “update” your cell to locate tower *228.

If you are using Verizon you can add I-Dial to your number, which allows calls from Mexico to the U.S. for .99 per minute roaming charge. There is no charge for the I-Dial service. [Rate may change. Check before leaving.]

With AT&T when you get out of the airport turn your phone on and let it find that you are in Mexico. To call home press and hold the 0 (Zero) until you get the + than dial your number.

Don’t forget to update your roaming software [where applicable].


Every state in Mexico has its own area code, which is 2 digits. To make an out of state call you must dial 01 first.

Call To: Prefix Other state in Mexico 01 – Area Code – Phone Number Other Country 01 – Country Code – Area Code – Phone Number



If you have set up an account with a call answering service to have your telephone messages dumped to a source you can access via the Internet your only problem will be finding an Internet café that has speakers hooked up to their computers.

Some cafes have them, many do not. In time as this resource grows every café will have at least one computer with speakers. If you need this service and enter a café that does not have speakers mention it to the manager.