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Hang your rumpled clothes in the steam of the shower to get them straightened!


Bring a small canvas tote bag folded up in your suitcase. Great for day trips of shopping, and doubles as a beach bag.


Take a couple of clothespins on every trip. Not only are they good for hanging laundry, but they can close the gaps on any hotel drapes, making for better sleeping.


Take water bottles for day trips, often there are no vendors, and if there are, water etc can get very pricey!! By taking empty bottles, you can fill them with juice from the resort.


Remember, you are going to another country. Don’t expect the world to fall at your feet. You can have an amazing cultural experience if you give a little, and in return you’ll get a lot! Smile!


Pack a “boo boo” kit with band aids, antibiotic ointment, Tylenol with a plastic spoon and antiseptic wipes day trips away from the resort or a day by the pool/beach.


Pack each person’s undergarments in a large zip lock bag with a laundry softener sheet with it to keep them smelling fresh and also store them in the dressers the hotels provide you.


Before going through X ray at the airport empty your pockets into a zip lock baggie. Saves a lot of time for those in line behind you when waiting for men to unload and reload pockets.


I always take clear duct tape with me on trips. I have used it to repair a broken snorkel and found it to be very water proof.


Take a universal plug, saves listening to your husband cursing as the water runs away from the sink whilst shaving and your contact lenses disappearing down the bend!


If you plan on golfing, pack balls, gloves, etc. even if you are planning to rent clubs. You won’t believe the prices at some of the pro shops.


If you take your widowed mother-in-law give yourself a break by finding for her a dirty old man.


Withdrawal money from a local ATM as you will get the exact current exchange rate. Almost all stores will give you an unfavorable conversion rate.


In 2006 we were in line for 2 hrs at the Cancun airport. The airline had 1 person checking all bags and no intercom. We missed our flight – the clerks blamed us. Advise arrive 3 hrs early.


If you really liked your travel agent, get a bunch of their business cards. Print your email address on the reverse. Then distribute them. You might get a discount next time your book!


Craft bead containers are great for jewellery – the separate/varied sized compartments keep jewellery (safety pins, etc.) untangled/organized. Get a container that will fit into safe!!


In cancun I raised my voice because it was appropriate. I continued to demand my license back. He gave my license back and backed down from a ticket threat.


Check what countries your bank works in and what name it is under.


If you feel that you may not be safe in your hotel room, use a rubber door stopper on the inside of your hotel door to prevent any intruder from forcing his/or her way in.


Traveling by air can suck the life out of you! Pack a survival kit: bottle of face moisturizer, eye drops, Purell, neck pillow, bottled H2O & a snack. You will arrive refreshed and ready for fun!!!


Some rooms can be musty so carry a good smelling hang-up deodorizer strip that can be placed on any doorknob.


Any bottles that have a cap that you press to open, unscrew cap, cover with sandwich bag and screw cap back on. Screw cap on as tight as you can and still get it unscrewed without using your teeth.


Take along a few dollar store items to leave for the maid each morning. You will get extra towels and shampoos etc. in return.


Be sure to ask the cab driver how much the taxi fare will be before you agree to take the taxi.


Take an extra lock for your luggage. While in Mexico, our $4.00 lock broke and we ended up paying $10.00 for a new one.


Try to schedule extra time between flights. Oftentimes you can manage enough time to sightsee in the city for a few hours before your next flight.


Don’t be afraid to ask for extra bottled/canned drinks on the plane. You’ll have a free drink for when you land.


Take a decongestant pill before take-off and landing to help prevent painful popping in the ears. editor: or chew gum


Bring a sarong – can be used for:

– Large towel
– Beach blanket
– Bag
– Skirt dress turban
– Shade
– Changing cubicle
– Clothes line
– Child carrier/hammock
– Cover overflowingsuitcase/ valuables in rush.


Alwasy put shampoo and conditioner ( and any other liquid containers) in plastic bags in suitcase so they do not leak onto clothes during travel.


Make sure you have AT LEAST 2 hours for your stopover in Mexico City in case of delays and to get through customs with your luggage once collected at baggage claim.


Using ATMs will ensure the best exchange rate and you don’t have to carry lots of cash or travelers checks.


Do not use a credit card to make a telephone call in Mexico. A one minute call can cost over $50.00 US. This has happened to me!


Always hand carry medications to your destination … some medications may not be available. Bring a small plastic bottle of bleach.

Always hand-carry medications to your destination. Some medications may not be available.

Take a bath pillow [the kind you blow up] to use on your lounge chair. Easy to pack and priceless for preventing a sore neck.


Put all your valuables in the safe, when your room is being cleaned, sometimes the door is left open for as long as a half hour, and anyone can enter your room and help themselves to your possessions.

Take a ten foot piece of light nylon rope (1/8″) and a few clothespins to hang clothes to dry on your balcony.

Don’t buy anything on the return while waiting at the airport unless you have exact money or don’t mind pesos for change. Pesos are worthless on the plane.


Avoid hotel tours where they give you free certificates or gifts. They are time-share presentations. Why spend a whole morning of your vacation listening to a presentation for a $10 T-shirt?


Bring instant hand sanitizer to Mexico. My wife keeps a small bottle in her bag to clean hands before meals and throughout the day. Most restrooms don’t have soap and paper towels.


If bringing nail polish on a plane always put it in a Ziploc baggie or it might explode on your belongings


If you have an illness that may require treatment in hospital, make sure you find out where the nearest medical centre is and keep the phone number with you at al times.

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