Playa del Carmen Weather

What’s the weather like in Playa del Carmen?

Most of the time it’s beautiful. You can swim year-round but you may have a specific climate in mind, which you find most attractive for a vacation.

Playa del Carmen Weather Chart

Temperature and Precipitation

Playa del Carmen Weather Chart (METRIC)

Temperature and Precipitation


This is the hottest time of the year in Playa, especially mid-July and August. During these months Playa fills up and the beaches are full of vacationers.

Summer is also the rainy season however the rain tends to hit once a day [if it does rain] and only for a short period. Quite often you are happy it rained as it tends to cool things down a little, at least for a short while.

On a cloudless day in August the heat can be unbearable for some people. Shoes are needed because the sand can get too hot to walk on. Even walking any great distance can become a chore and if you are backpacking the extra weight can be torture.

Dehydration is a major factor during the summer months as well as sun-burn. At 12:00 noon you can get burned in 15 minutes without proper sun-block.


This is our favorite time of the year in Playa. Partly because of the weather but also because things quiet down a bit between summer and winter high seasons.

In September and October the ocean water is hot from the summer heat. The outside temperature drops making daytime temps hot but bearable. Evenings are beautiful and you can still swim at night and be comfortable.

This is also hurricane season along the Atlantic coast. Hurricanes or tropical storms can occur anytime between June and December, however the common period is September – November.

It is advisable to pay close attention to weather reports during these months. We have found on-line weather services are the best place for getting current tropical storm information.


This is the best time of the year to travel to Playa if you don’t like excruciating heat. December-January, temperatures cool down and on cloudless days swimming is just beautiful [mild temperature].

At this time of the year you get the least amount of daylight, which is something to consider, but Playa lights up at night so it’s not really an issue.

Humidity and rain are lowest during this period. If rain and a day of clouds do occur, things can cool down considerably. It is advisable to take a light jacket with you just in case, to be comfortable.


Things start heating up mid-February and by April you can be roasting on the beach. Water temperatures have not caught up but outside temps have started to rise.

The “rains” start in April peaking in July-August. This is a wonderful time to travel because after “Spring Break”, things calm down until the summer travel season starts in late June. Water temps are warm enough to swim comfortably; it’s hot but not “July-August” hot. Weather-wise, it’s a great time of the year to go.