Holbox has 36 kilometers of long white sand beaches with calm turquoise seas, so it is unsurprising that the main activity on the island is relaxation. Swim in the sea, swing in a hammock, grab a great book and let the laid-back vibe win you over.

If you prefer to explore and be active however, Holbox also has a wealth of interesting things to do.

Swim with Whale Sharks

Whale sharks migrate through the waters around Holbox during the months of May to September feeding on the abundant plankton found there. Despite their name, whale sharks are harmless and gentle. They are, nonetheless, enormous creatures that can grow up to 45 feet long. Swimming with whale sharks is a unique and ethereal experience that you won’t easily forget.

Kiteboarding and Windsurfing

The breeze on Holbox can make for really great windsurfing and kiteboarding experiences. During the winter months the north winds blow hard and the seas become scattered with windsurfers and kiteboarders.

Walking upon the Sandbars

Holbox has a really interesting natural phenomenon, which takes the form of sandbars that sit out at sea, visible or hidden depending on the tides. The sandbars offers visitors the unique opportunity of walking out at sea, collecting shells and seeing a variety of marine life like octopus and star fish that wash up temporarily. Ask locals for the best times to walk the sandbars and leave enough time to get back to firm land before the tides change.



Holbox has some great mangroves full of interesting flora and fauna to explore and the perfect way to see them is by kayak. Trips usually last around three to four hours and take you on a guided trip through the waters, looking out for crocodiles and flamingos.


Holbox is a great place to paddleboard on calm sea days. Many beach-front hotels have them available to rent, making for an easy activity.


Fishing (Tarpon Fishing and Deep-Sea Fishing)

A well-kept secret known only to the cognoscenti of tarpon fishing is that the flats and estuaries of Holbox are a perfect habitat for tarpon. Here the ecosystem creates a perfect breeding ground for these amazing fighting fish with the shallow mangrove flats providing the perfect incubator. Tarpon season begins in April with peak season being June, July, and August.

Deep-sea sport fishing is also available on Holbox. The locals know where the ‘big ones’ are and great trips can be had fishing for cobia, tuna, sailfish and more.

Horseback Riding

Another fantastic way to explore the island is by taking a horseback ride. You can head along the beach or around the mangroves and a ride at sunset is particularly memorable. Most of the horse-riding tours start on the east side of the island near the airport.

Bicycle Rentals

Discovering the island by bike is cheap and easy and gives you full freedom to explore. There are plenty of places that rent bikes near the town plaza and prices start at around 50 pesos an hour.

Yalahau Spring

You can take a boat trip to Yalahau Spring, which is sometimes called the ‘fountain of youth’ due to the supposed youth-giving properties of the water. Originally an important port for the Maya, it was also popular with local fisherman as a place to cool off after a busy day. If you take a trip here, you too can swim in the clear waters of the spring.

Bird Island (Isla Pajaros)

While visiting Yalahau Spring you can also stop at Bird Island that is home to flamingos, white ibises, sea gulls, pelicans and other colorful seabirds.