Top 3 Restaurants Near Chichen Itza




Located right at the entrance to Chichen Itza, one could imagine Oxtun to offer overpriced, average food, however that is not the case. The food, of which there are multiple options, is not overly expensive and is well prepared. Choose from a selection of regional, Mexican or international dishes to set yourself up for touring this impressive archeological site.


Mayaland Restaurant
Just a short walk from the site is the Mayaland Hotel that offers an impressive buffet lunch in a number of locations around its grounds. The food is abundant and much of it is freshly made onsite, like the handmade tortillas. A traditional music and dance show is performed while you eat, which makes for a lively and fun experience.

Hacienda Chichen

Hacienda Chichen

The Hacienda Chichen is an elegant hotel also a short walk from the archeological zone and makes a wonderful option for organic, gourmet cuisine. The hotel works to be ecologically sustainable and grows much of its own produce. Highly respectful of its Mayan roots, the chefs produce regional cuisine served in the gardens surrounded by tropical plants and beautiful water features.