Airport CodeThree-letter codes used to identify airports.
AmenitiesServices and extras offered by a travel supplier.
APEX (“Advance Purchase Excursion”) FareGenerally the lowest and most heavily restricted airfare.
ARC (Airlines Reporting Corp.)Airline-owned corporation which accredits travel agents and sets regulation governing airline-agency relations.
Back-to-Back TicketingBooking two overlapping round trips with opposite origin and destination points, where both bookings meet restrictions required to obtain a discount fare (such as a Saturday-night stayover); then using one segment from each round trip for each direction of a single journey in order to get a lower overall fare.
Baggage CheckOfficial receipt issued by a carrier for luggage.
Baggage TagPersonal identification that must be attached to luggage checked by an airline.
Base Fare/RatePrice of a travel service before taxes and add-on charges.
Blackout PeriodsDays or periods of high demand when special rates are not in effect.
Boarding PassA card given to a traveler indicating the seat assignment.
BumpingPractice of removing confirmed passengers from overbooked flights.
CarrierCompany that transports passengers or freight.
Capacity ControlledLimitation on number of airline seats, hotel rooms, or rental cars available under a particular rate or promotional offer.
Car ClassSize and type of rental car. Classes differ from vendor to vendor, and are stated usually as economy, mid-size, full-size, luxury, and specialty.
Car Rental AgreementContract between car rental vendor and customer.
Carry-onUnchecked baggage.
CharterAircraft, motorcoach, or other mode of transportation reserved entirely for use by a group.
City PairOrigin and destination points of a flight segment.
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)Daily insurance fee paid by a car renter to cover liability for accident damages to a rented car.
CommissionPercentage of sale price that vendors pay to travel agencies for selling their services.
Commuter CarrierRegional airline operating from small locales to larger cities, often under an affiliate relationship with a major carrier.
Companion FarePromotional airfare whereby a second ticket may be purchased at a discount, provided two people are traveling together.
Comp RoomsComplimentary rooms which a lodging facility provides without charge based on total number of sleeping rooms occupied by a group.
ConciergeIndividual in a hotel responsible for attending to guests’ special needs and services.
ConfirmationReservation, acknowledged orally or in writing, verifying a booking has been accepted. Most confirmations are subject to certain conditions.
Connecting FlightFlight on which passenger must change aircraft at some point, referred to as the Connecting Point.
ConsolidatorBusiness that buys international tickets at deep discounts from airlines seating inventory that is expected to remain unsold. Consolidators resell tickets at a markup to travel agencies or travelers directly. (Travelers should understand terms for repayment are not favorable, should a consolidator cancel a flight. If you have not done business with a particular consolidator in the past, purchasing trip insurance may be a worthwhile option.)
Corporate RateDiscount rate available to traveling business men and women, customarily 10% below rack (standard) rates.
CouponPart of an airline ticket. The flight coupon is surrendered by the passenger at check-in. Coupons contain the formal contract of carriage.
Courtesy VehicleVan or bus which an off-airport vendor uses to pick up customers at the airport.
CRS (Computerized Reservation System)Interactive electronic system linking individual travel agencies to a central, airline-owned computer.
CTC (Certified Travel Counselor)Designation of professional competence attesting to a travel agent’s successful completion of a study program developed and administered by the Institute of Certified Travel Agents.
Denied Boarding CompensationCompensation (money, free flight, or hotel accommodations) provided to an involuntarily bumped airline passenger with a confirmed reservation.
Direct FlightFlight not requiring a passenger to change planes, though it may make stops.
Discount FaresShort-term promotional fares or other discounted fares of varied duration.
DoubleHotel room with one double bed, or sometimes a room designed to accommodate two people.
Double/DoubleHotel room with two double beds.
Drop Off ChargesFees assessed when a traveler picks up a rental car in one location and drops it off in another.
Excursion FareRound-trip fare with restrictions such as minimum and maximum stays or advance-purchase requirements.
Extended StayGenerally, a hotel stay of seven or more nights.
Fare basisConditions, including service class and ticketing provisions, that determine a fare. Fare basis is designated by identifying letters and/or numbers on a ticket.
Fee-Based PricingCompensation to a travel agency by corporate clients from commission revenues generated by the corporations business.
Flat RateSpecific room rate negotiated by a group and a hotel.
FolioWritten or electronic record of hotel guest’s account of financial transactions within the property.
Frequent Flyer ProgramAirline club in which members accrue points or miles for trips taken, usually redeemable for free travel.
Fuel ChargeAmount charged if car renter does not fill the car’s gas tank.
GateDesignated area in airport terminal where passengers for a specific flight board or deplane the aircraft.
GratuityGift, usually money, given in return for service.
Group RateRoom rate charged by a hotel for a group of 10 or more guests.
Guaranteed ReservationAdvance hotel booking where payment is guaranteed even if traveler does not arrive. Room will be held all night for a late-arriving guest.
Hospitality RoomRoom used for entertaining.
HubAirport at which an airline has major operations and connecting flights to smaller destinations.
Joint FareSpecial fare for travel on two or more airlines to a destination.
Last-Room AvailabilityElectronic reservation system that provides users with current information about a hotel’s available inventory.
Last-Seat AvailabilitySimilar to Last-Room Availability, but applicable to airline seat availability.
Liability CoverageInsurance protection against injury and damage claims by third parties, available as option for car rentals.
Limited AvailabilityLimited number of reservations accepted for a certain advertised rate or special offer.
Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)Variation of Collision Damage Waiver employed by some car rental vendors. Renters are advised to buy LDW to avoid liability for collision, theft, vandalism, loss of car, and other noncollision damages.
Lowest Fare GuaranteeTravel agency’s promise to provide clients the lowest fare available when reservation is confirmed.
Lowest Logical AirfareLowest airfare found within the parameters of a corporation’s travel policy.
Management ReportData summary (from travel agencies, travel suppliers, and/or credit-card vendors) documenting usage patterns for air travel, hotel stays, or car rental.
Meet and GreetService that meets and assists clients upon arrival in a city.
Meeting FareNegotiated airline discounts, typically for 10 or more persons traveling to the same event.
Meeting RateNegotiated hotel rate offered to a meeting’s attendees.
Mileage Allowance/Mileage CapNumber of miles a rented car is driven beyond the mileage allowance.
Mileage ChargeCharge assessed for each mile a rental car is driven beyond an established threshold.
MinibarHotel room cabinet containing snacks and refrigerated beverages. Items consumed are charged to hotel bill.
Net Fare or Net RatePrice or fare for a travel service, less an agents commission and without tax.
No ShowPassenger or hotel guest who fails to cancel a reservation not used.
Open TicketTicket that is valid for transportation between certain points but indicates no specific reservation.
OverbookingPractice of confirming more seats or rooms than are available, in order to protect against no-shows.
OverrideAdditional commission paid to agents as a bonus for productivity and/or volume.
PackageTickets or services bundled together and sold at single all-inclusive price.
Prepaid TicketTicketing method in which a person or company purchases an airline ticket in one location for a traveler in another. The traveler picks up the prepaid ticket from the airline ticket counter.
ProfileDetailed information about a traveler’s personal preferences kept on file by a travel supplier.
Rack RateOfficial posted rate for a hotel room, published airfares, or noncontracted car rental rates.
Rate DeskAirline or travel agency department that constructs fares for complicated itineraries, usually international.
Revenue SharingTravel agency rebate of commission revenue received on a corporation’s bookings.
Room TaxState or local tax imposed on hotel room charges.
SegmentLeg or identifiable portion of a route traveled, usually stated in terms of originating and terminating cities.
Soft-Dollar SavingsSavings on travel realized through cost avoidance, such as rate discounts or free upgrades.
Split TicketingIssuing two one-way tickets instead of a round-trip ticket, usually for purpose of obtaining a lower fare.
StandbyClass of air passengers who hold tickets that do not allow for advanced reservations (standby fares), or are waiting for available seats.
SupersaverLow discount airfare available with heavy restrictions.
SurchargeAssessment by vendor or governmental entity in addition to published price or contracted rate.
Travel AdvisoryOfficial warning or cautionary statement from the US State Department regarding travel to a particular area.
Unlimited MileageAbility to drive a rented car an unlimited number of miles without paying an additional mileage charge.
WaitlistList of travelers waiting for people to cancel reservations for a flight that is sold out.
Window of ConvenienceTwo hours on either side of ideal departure or arrival time.