Travel back in time at the Maya Village. Like most ancient cities, common people lived on the outskirts of town, while the centers were exclusive to palaces and temples. The Mayan were no different. Their houses were constructed in circular or half-circle shapes (comfortable year-round) and thatched with palm.

The Maya were wise builders; palm thatch was harvested only during full moons to yield the most sap filled fronds (better waterproofing and lasting up to 25 years), and houses were planted with insect and animal repelling plants. The village rings an ancient altar. A traditionally dressed weaver creates handicrafts on-site and fallen-wood carvings reproduce animals and gods.




Xcaret´s spectacular night show is an experience for all your senses: an epic celebration with the sights and sounds of a grand festival set in Mexico´s golden years and the mysticism and splendor of ancient Mayan kings. It features a colorful fair, the drama of the pre-hispanic ballgame and the ball of fire in the impressive Tlachco ballcourt, followed by an unforgettable gala performance of Mexico´s regional music and dance.

There is even a Mayan mirror in the washrooms. Wander through living history at the Mayan Village.


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Over 200 performers in an incredible pageantry of color, sight and sound!

but during the day why not….

hit the beach…scuba dive…inlet swim…sea trek…dolphin swim…snorkel…eco tours…snuba…wading pools…underground river runs…lagoons…or visit the zoo…church…butterfly park…aquarium…ballcourt and much, much more!


Xcaret has five wading pools waiting for you, just to one side of the beach. Seawater, straight from the Caribbean, flushes the pools, making them natural jacuzzis!

Bask in a pristine natural lagoon —the site of ancient Pole, revered by the Maya, and one of the finest examples in the Riviera Maya. Dive in — you’ll be surrounded by schools of curious, brightly colored tropical fish. Ringed by comfortable chairs, picnic tables and hammocks, the Blue Lagoon’s sparkling ambience makes for great fun in the sun or superb relaxation. Tropical birds on nearby tiny islands fill the air with exotic sounds; the whole of the lagoon is surrounded by lush tropical jungle. Restaurant and snack bars are within a brief walk. Easy access to the water for children and physically challenged.

Unique rivers wind through Xcaret’s naturally occurring system of underground rivers. Cool and refreshing, either of the Park’s two subterranean river experiences are a great way to start your day. Life jackets and locking bags for your personal belongings are provided at the entrance to each river. Your belongings will be waiting for you at the end of your adventure.


There are multiple exits and stopping points along each river so you may take a break or explore. Easy and safe, even for non-swimmers.

A lot of unseen work and energy is poured into Xcaret so visitors may enjoy a fabulous day of leisure and enlightenment. The people who work arduously day after day are the ones that make the park’s existence and development possible.

Behind every attraction, a team of scientists specialized in each area. All of them are Mexican, and thanks to their involvement and dedication Xcaret has achieved what many thought were impossible projects to accomplish.


Xcaret has created a groundbreaking program in ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION, in which 100 students are invited daily, free of charge, during the school year. For this specific department Xcaret counts on a group of biologists, pedagogues and designers who coordinate the children’s visits to the park, aside from preparing all the didactical material and interactive games that they implement.

Everything in the park supports that modern development, conservation and fun are not exclusive from one another; and that the world must be seen, lived, reestablished and kept alive, for its healthy sojourn.




Xcaret is located on the coast side of Hwy 307 approximately 1 hour south of Cancun and 5 min. south of Playa del Carmen and Playacar.


Xcaret is open from 8:30 AM to 10 PM every day of the week.

To get to Xcaret you have four options:

Book a Tour [pick-up and return to your hotel/resort]

Rent a Car

Take a Taxi

Take a Colectivo


If you take a colectivo to Xcaret you get off on the highway at the Xcaret sign [there is a palapa for you to sit in]. The colectivo driver will know exactly where to let you off so just tell the driver “Xcaret” [eshk ar et].

It is a fair distance to the park so they provide an open-air Flintstones style bus that picks you up at the highway, drives you through a cave, then takes you to the park. The bus is free and runs every ten minutes.

NOTE: After 7:00 you cannot take a colectivo and must use a taxi. After the evening show is over there are lots of taxis in the parking lot ready to take you to your hotel.


For car-rental, taxi and colectivo information see the Transportation section of this site.