Playa del Carmen Banks & ATM’s

Get Peso’s Before Traveling

June 15, 2010 – Mexico has implemented new banking regulations regarding USD currency. Newly Released Mexican Regulations Imposing Restrictions on Mexican Banks for Transactions in U.S. Currency

Mexican banks can exchange USD currency for non-customers [persons without a valid bank account, i.e.: tourist] but many banks have recently applied restrictions allowing only customers to exchange USD currency to pesos.


Banks are limiting the amount an individual customer can exchange on a monthly basis forcing some Mexican vendors to stop accepting USD. These vendors will only accept payment in pesos.

ATMs dispense pesos.

Money exchange stores [casa de cambio] are still offering USD exchange services. This could change at any time.

Exchange your currency before you leave for Mexico taking Mexican Pesos only with you or be prepared to use ATMs.

Banks in Playa del Carmen are pretty well the same as banks anywhere. Line-ups may be longer but they exchange money and provide other typical banking services as well.

Things to know are:

the maximum amount for exchange is $1,500 usd per month and will probably scan your passport
the majority of tellers do not speak English
some banks do not accept Travelers Checks
ATMs are open to the public
ATMs can run out of money
you need an F3 to get a bank account.

If you are planning on traveling outside of Playa del Carmen and need to use a bank/ATM then know:

Some communities do not allow banks in their jurisdiction
Banks can become extremely crowded as early as 10:00 in the morning
Many ATMs are guarded during the day by armed military.

AND like Playa del Carmen some banks will not accept Travelers Checks and the ATMs can run out of money later in the day.

Note to Canadians…

There can be a fee up to $3.00 cad per transaction to access the PLUS system (it depends on your banking plan). It can get costly to make small withdrawals if your plan does not cover PLUS fees.

Bank ATM Locations

Banorte   Bank/ATM
Money exchange and other bank services.
Location: Plaza Pelicanos, 10th Ave. between Calle 8 and 10
Banamex   Bank/ATM
Money exchange and other bank services.
Location: 30th Ave and 16th street
Money exchange and other bank services.
Location: 30th Ave. between Calle 16 and 18
Scotiabank   Bank/ATM
Money exchange and other bank services.
Location: The corner of 10th Ave. and Constituyentes

Money Exchanges

The maximum amount per day is $5,000 usd, they will keep a copy of your passport and typically the exchange rate is a little bit lower than in the bank

Money Five Group    Money Exchange
Location: 10th Ave. between 6th and 10th
CB Bank   Money Exchange/ATM
Location: 10th Ave.  and 1st South (Plaza Antigua)
Monex   Money Exchange/ATM
Location: Av Avicion at the corner of 30th street in Playacar Phase II
San Jorge   Money Exchange
Location: 30th Ave and Juarez

For more information on traveling with money, what to bring etc, see:  Mexican Money.